For delivery of goods to destinations within the city, the goods will be directly intercompanyed by our employees to the destination address of the house, office, etc., but shipments outside the city, province, abroad we use third party freight forwarding services that have been working with us.

Prior to the delivery, the goods will be packed in accordance with the standardization of security pengirman made by the delivery service. But before we deliver to the warehouse of goods delivery, we wrap and provide seals on our parcels, this is to ensure that the items we send are in good condition and avoid losses due to third parties (freight forwarding).

Delivery Schedule
Delivery of goods will be done 1 day after we receive the payment of goods you buy, and have paid the shipping fee in accordance with that has been determined by the freight service.

Shipping Security
We provide warranty of replacement of goods in case of damage during the process of loading the goods or damage during the delivery of the shipment to the recipient of goods.

Shipping costs
We provide free shipping service with the applicable conditions in accordance with the value ordered. Us, but the delivery time of goods is determined by us. This free shipping service you can use for delivery anywhere, but when goods have arrived to the city or to your nearest area, you are advised to pick up to the warehouse delivery service in accordance with working hours. If you want goods to be delivered directly to your home, you are charged an additional fee, and the fees are determined by the delivery service directly.

If you do not want to use free shipping service, you can use paid service. All expenses are borne by the recipient, and you can ask us for the delivery service you want.

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