About Us



MINERSONSTORE.COM or MINERS ONLINE STORE is an innovative, dinmasi and consistent company, Our company is engaged in the sale of Crypto Currency Miner. MINERONSTORE.COM stands in the midst of intense business competition as well as the development of financial technology worldwide.

In Development MINERONSTORE.COM has established marketing strategy with various marketing bureau companies to be able to bring the best service in their field.

MINERONSTORE.COM understands the opportunity to compete on a priority economic scale. Our company is able to meet customer needs seamlessly at a stable price unaffected by fluctuations in supply and demand in a sustainable way. This is because MINERONSTORE.COM is able to provide products that are specifically required by customers.

Our company believes that all our employees are able to work professionally, and most importantly we have customer service served by professional employees, experts in their field and master all specifications of the products we sell, so that any questions related to the product will be answered professionally.

MINERONSTORE.com is committed to developing our company. One of them is to provide quality products with low prices and in accordance with market needs. On the other hand, our company is committed to the responsibility of serving customers wholeheartedly.